Sunshine Coast Roofing & Guttering Restoration

Asbestos Removal

Roofing Revamped Sunshine Coast hold all licences to remove asbestos ‘Super 6′ roofing. Each of our staff hold Class B licences (bonded asbestos removal certificate).

Gutter Protection

Roofing Revamped Sunshine Coast use only Gutter-Mesh. Gutter-Mesh improves the lifespan of roof gutters by preventing leaves blocking and rusting out gutters.

Guttering & Fascia

Guttering is the essential part of your roofing systems which allows water from the roof to be captured and funnelled safely away.


Ceiling, wall and floor insulation works as a barrier to both heat loss and heat gain. In winter it stores the heat in the keep your home warm and in summer blocks out the heat to keep your home cool.


Roofing Restorations

Roof restoration includes identifying weaknesses in you roofing, then fixing them. Roof restorations can transform outdated roofs into something that makes your home feel modern again.


Roofing Revamped

At Roofing Revamped Sunshine Coast we have over 17 years experience only using the best products available. We only use Bluescope steel for all roofing iron, capping and screws.